1st Email from MTC

Hey mom, sorry it took so long to e-mail you the internet was out yesterday and that was my p-day. i did ok getting to brazil and its awsome here there are sky scrapers everywhere. the people here drive crazy its awsome. i didn´t get check in the airport at all i just grabbed my stuff and walked out. i´m in a trio with elder Neu from Jersey and elder William from California. Neu is a tech guy and William is a freaken ripped body builder who wants to do animation like colt but he´s going to byu. I really like the elders in our district. elder anderson is from murray and i´ve seen him before but just never met him. i went and got a pillow yesturday. i knew just enough portuguese to get it. i also got an address book so i need you to e-mail me addresses if you can and get people on my facebook to start sending letters PLEASE!!!  so let people know to write me. i have to go so i can e-mail dad and colt i only get 30 minutes and i´m at 16 left.

love you,
Elder Peterson.